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The following is a sample of existing workshops that can be customized for your parent/professional audience. Please contact us at 617-414-3666 to schedule your workshop today!

Autism 101 (Half Day $750/Full day $1500)

A great course for all staff who encounter children with autism (e.g. paraprofessionals, general education teachers, specialists). Special topics covered include presentation of symptoms and diagnostic criteria, FAQ’s, treatment overview and general guidance for assisting those affected.

Can We Talk? (Half Day $750/Full day $1500)

Professionals often navigate difficult conversations around emotionally-charged topics (e.g. when there are suspicions of a diagnosis, concerns about a child’s progress and functioning, conflicting viewpoints about the best form of treatment). Professionals will learn effective problem solving strategies and skills for building stronger alliances with families and colleagues.

Considering Culture and Family Engagement (Half Day $750/Full day $1500)

In our increasingly diverse population, it is critically important to consider cultural and linguistic differences when forming alliances with families. These differences often affect perceptions around the diagnosis, treatment, and education of their affected children. This class will address techniques for fostering family participation in the education process as well as tips for avoiding alienation and disengagement.

Safety, Sexuality and Autism (Half Day $750/Full day $1500)

From a young age, it is important for children to learn about personal and body safety. This training will focus on helping children the concept of privacy, knowing who can and can’t help with personal hygiene, and understanding the difference between good touching and bad touching. General safety topics will be covered as well, including safeguarding one’s home and dealing with bolting behaviors.

Easing Transitions (Half Day $750/Full day $1500)

Children and their families are always facing transitions both large and small. For those with autism, dealing with change can be particularly challenging. This course will provide professionals with tools and skills to aid children with school transitions (EI to school, changing grades, ages 18-22, and more simply, navigating the daily school schedule) as well as strategies for partnering with caregivers as they also navigate these difficult times .

Resource Trainings and Case Consultations ($250/hour)

Autism Specialists work with parents and professionals to educate them about resources for those affected by ASD. Resource trainings can include:

  • Public benefits enrollment (DDS and SSI)
  • Insurance benefits (ARICA coverage, Mass Health, CBHI program)
  • Community support agencies
  • Transition to adulthood planning

Designing an Effective Social Skills Group (Full day $1500)

Teen Talk

Leadership training for conducting a group for teens with HFA/Asperger’s to work on transition to adulthood issues, communication skills, boundaries, dating and self-help skills.

Lunch Bunch Revisited

Inclusion groups for school-aged children to work on social pragmatics, friendship development and bullying.

Sibling Support

Interactive, fun groups for typical siblings of children with ASD that are activity-based and draw upon common themes like social isolation, dealing with challenges in the home, finding one’s identity and problem solving. Groups can be targeted for varying age levels.