Striving to help and strengthen every family in need.

Resource Library
The Parent Information Packet (PIP) was designed by the Autism Consortium to support families in navigating the first years after diagnosis. The PIP includes critical information regarding general understanding of the diagnosis, educational assistance, getting insurance coverage, and a plethora of additional resources including local support centers and literature. The PIP is currently available in six languages and can be accessed through our resource library. Read more >

Training & Workshops
We strive to tailor our trainings and workshops to meet the individual needs of varying groups, including educators, professional audiences, community groups, PACs, in addition to families and care providers. Topics include: transition to adulthood planning, sibling support, social skills training, culture and family engagement, safety and sexuality, introductory workshops about autism spectrum disorders and many more! Read more >

Featured Blog Post

Meet Katherine Sennott
Staff Corner My name is Katherine, and I’m an intern at The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center. As you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month, and we’ve been working nonstop to get the families we work with all the resources they need so that their children can thrive. I first got involved with the Autism Program in summer 2012, as part of a week of community service my school, Boston University, does at the beginning of each scholastic year... Read more >